Race Information

  • Onsite registration will be open on Friday night at the race site (Lake Howard) 4-7pm.
  • Race morning registration will be open from 6am-7:30am.
  • 100 mile race starts at 7:30am and the 60 mile option begins at 8:00am.
  • You are allowed (1) one gallon drop bag for the 60 mile option.  You are allowed (2) one gallon drops bags for the 100 mile option. It must be at the registration table 30 minutes before the race. Drop bags will be available at the 60 and 100 mile turn around points on the Skyway. Please do not use coolers unless you are willing to wait at the finish for the volunteers from the turn-around aid station to return.
  • There will be (3) aid stations on the 60 mile course and (4) on the 100 mile course) You will pass all of the stations twice on the 100 mile.  They will be stocked with cold water, Heed, Hammer gel, Grab the Gold Bars and bananas. The Heed will not be premixed.
  • There will be no tools or supplies at aid stations. You are required to be mechanically self sufficient.
  • There will be necklaces at the turnaround. They are big enough to go around your helmet, but not so big that they will be a problem. If you do not have your necklace at the finish, you will be a DNF.
  • The majority of this race takes place on forest service roads and jeep trail which are OPEN TO TRAFFIC. Use your head when bombing into a blind corner. All of these roads are two way race traffic as well, keep that in mind. While there is no yellow line, act like there is.
  • There will be food and podiums after the race.  The food is for racers and volunteers only.