Race Information

  • The Skyway Epic is Saturday April 11th 2015
  • Onsite registration will be open on Friday night at the race site (Lake Howard) 4-8pm.
  • Race morning registration will be open from 6am-7:30am (7:00am for the 100 mile).
  • 100 mile race starts at 7:30am and the 60 mile option begins at 8:00am.
  • The majority of this race takes place on forest service roads and jeep trail which are OPEN TO TRAFFIC. Use your head when bombing into a blind corner. All of these roads are two way race traffic as well, keep that in mind. While there is no yellow line, act like there is.
  • There will be food and podiums after the race.  The food is for racers and volunteers only.

Aid Stations

  • There will be (3) aid stations on the 60 mile course and (5) on the 100 mile course. You will pass all of the stations (except #5) twice on the 100 mile.  They will be stocked with cold water, Heed, Hammer gel, bananas and cookies. The Heed will not be premixed.
  • There will be no tools or supplies at aid stations. You are required to be mechanically self sufficient.

100 Mile Race Time Cuts

There is a 12 HOUR TIME LIMIT for the 100 mile race.

Aid Station #4 (2nd time thru)- 2:00pm
Aid Station #3- 3:30pm
Aid Station #2- 6pm (must have head and tail lights to leave Aid Station #2 after 5:30pm)
Finish- 7:30pm

Drop Bags- 1 Gallon Bags only!

  •  60 Mile- You are allowed (1) one gallon drop bag for the 60 mile option.  The drop bags will be at the turn around (Aid Station #3). These must be turned in by 7:30am the morning of the race.
  • 100 Mile- You are allowed (2) one gallon drops bags for the 100 mile option.  The drop bags will be at Aid Station #2 and Aid Station #4.  If you think you may need lights (see time cuts above) send them to Aid Station #2.