Aid Stations

We will have (3) aid stations. (1) at the beginning of the skyway ~10 mi. into the race. (2) at the turnaround ~25 mi. into the race. You will hit aid station #1 again as you return. (3) at the turn off of wiregrass rd. to 601d ~49 mi. into the race. You will receive (1) Hammer Perpetum pack with your race bag Strawberry-Vanilla, Orange-Vanilla or Caffe Latte. The aid stations will be stocked with Hammer Gels Orange, Apple-Cinnamon and Heed Lemon-Lime and Strawberry. There will be no tools or mechanical supplies at the aid stations, you are required to be self sufficient mechanically. It will likely be HOT, but with the spacing of the aid stations and the stock, you should make it with (2) water bottles…just remember to stop and fill up! There will be some perpetum packs left over and we will send these to aid station #2 (turnaround), first come first serve. We will have some of the best home cooked gumbo you have ever eaten at the finish along with dogs, chips, drinks, cookies.

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