Boogy Medallions

Bo Nolan (E-Box) has fashioned our proof necklaces. When you reach the turnaround point at hwy 77 you will recieve a parachute corded medallion that goes around your neck. We will also have a secret checkpoint to make sure you get all the singletrack at the end!!!

I will be doing some cleanup at the re-entry of to the singletrack 601-d this sunday, if anyone cares to get dirty, come on.

4 thoughts on “Boogy Medallions

  1. I am thinking of riding my Single Speed in this race. I comfortably ride a 32×20 at Oak Mountain, Raccoon Mountain, Tanasi, and Bull Mountain. What would be a good gear ratio for this race as I will not be able to pre-ride the course?



    • Robert, That is a loaded question that can only be answered by you. I will say that there is just a little bit of everything on this course: Twisty, railable singletrack, Short climbs, Long climbs. There is not much flat road or trail to worry about getting spun out on. Chris King says that single speeders are always in the wrong gear. While I do not agree with him, I will say that you need to decide if you are finishing or racing. Do you ant to be comfortable and able to sit and climb at times or do you want to grit your teeth and do the single speed bike dance? I am soft and fragile and have ridden a 2:1 ratio out there. I have also ridden slightly fewer gear inches and been more comfortable. If you are a regular singlespeed grinder used to climbing, I would say start at a 2:1 and add gear inches as your confidence will allow you.

  2. Looks like the same comment, But I posted responses to this comment under the “course” post. Thanks and can’t wait to get this first year under our belts! Pretty nervous…which doesn’t happen much when I promote races, but this one is special.

  3. How sweet would a “pit” be say…..around mile 10 or 12 be for a singlespeeder to swap a bike????? That would not be fair. I did think it though! 32X16 out/ 32X19 on SKYWAY and back/ 32X16 to finish last part.