A recap

I haven’t seen much chatter from folks regarding their opinions of how the race went save for a few (very) notable ones in Brian Toones’ great blog and Scott Thigpen’s as well. Those were great write ups and they seem to cast a positive light on how the race went down.

So, here is my perspective: The race went really freaking well!…and by that I mean – We had a hearty little crowd of racers who all seemed to be on the same page with endurance racing and they were literally from all over the country. Nobody got lost, nobody got hurt, the weather was great, Raymond Black didn’t get mad at us, none of the support vehicles broke down on the way to their checkpoints, nobody lost their $100 bill and everyone had a good time, despite the death mask many were wearing when they finished.

The turnout was a little over 60 and I was pleased with this number, mainly from a logistical standpoint. It is probably best to try something like this out for the first time with a smaller crowd.

Many folks stepped forward to help and may not be recognized because they were not sponsors. I would like to say a special thanks to:

Matt Burks for working for months on our website and many other thankless tasks.

George Mattison for just being awesome and always there to help.

Billy Ritch for asking to help and then being a major player in the production.

My awesome father in law, “Tacky” Jack for the motorhome and the always great gumbo…and being our ambassador to Mr. Black.

My wife for being there, always.

Bob Schlemmer, Bo Nolan and Frank Davis for being my good friends and sweeping the skyway on the polaris while somehow handing out $100 bills to the kom’s and beer to those who needed liquid nutrition.

Tim the tile guy for being sous chef

The entire COGS group who put a huge effort into the trail cleanup, course marking and running the aid station like bosses.

Lindsay Burks for always helping Jacquelyn with registration.

Christian Leask for always answering my stupid questions.

All of our sponsors. Most of you just stepped forward and said “yes”, let’s do it. Thank You. You all helped bring epic racing to Alabama and it only continues, because it has to.

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