A couple of notes

So, spring has sprung and beautiful as it is…it also bears teeth, sharp, gnarly teefs. a 100oz camelbak +1 bottle wasn’t even close to adequte yesterday. If you preride-be prepared (stash water). The green tape that I put up when everything was dead…not such a good color choice now that EVERYTHING is green…I’ll get on that asap.

If you are alergic to stinging insect, PLEASE bring your necessary meds. It is stinging insect season and you will be deep in the wilderness, not in a heavily trafficed public park. Many of us had stings yesterday. Snakes were everywhere, beware.

Now, don’t be fooled – we had a great ride, as always on the skyway. I know there are some endurance guys/gals out there looking at this race and saying “pfft, 60 miles, 6,000′ of climbing”. Let me tell you, the way the climbing is dosed out isn’t one or two big climbs, it’s more like five hundred small punches in each leg.

Less than 10 days

…until registration fees go up. Lynskey has signed up as a sponsor through Wig’s Wheels! We are exited to have one of the premier frame builder in the world find us worthy. Wig also have a sweet SS frame as well as goods from Oakley for prizes. Wig is working along side the Bamacross crew as usual. The course is seeing a ton of pre rides as people get more and more interested in the race. Get yourself signed up so theres no backing out!!!


OK, it that month…March, when the registration fees go up. Help get the wheels rolling by registering early.
The return portion of the route has now been marked from wiregrass rd. all the way back to the sylaward trail. This should make it easy if you are planning on a pre-ride. If you have questions: marshallbrent at gmail dot com


Hey! we’re here and this THING is happening! Details have been a little slow to materialize because of cross season activities, but it’s time to ramp up and get the beast moving.

There have been several pre-rides over the past 3 months and a handful of people have been introduced to the Skyway. I started off planning the race as a “traditional” Skyway route (Adam’s Gap to 148 and back) But, logistics seem to be tough from the Cheaha side and there is a hairy hwy section in the middle that entails dealing with more factions of the State than I care to right now. So, Perry Clark and the COGS group have stepped forward to offer their little gem of singletrack heaven for a perfect start/finish area. Perry has also offered his vast knowledge of the area to create a very good route that encompasses the Sylaward trail and some awesome forest service roads to connect to the Skyway. THIS WILL BE A BEAST!

There is another pre-ride this Sunday starting from the Lake Howard trailhead and riding the new route. I will be mapping the course and will provide a detailed map to load onto this site.


Registration will open next week on www.bikereg.com and our t-shirt design will be unveiled shortly thereafter. Scott Thigpen is doing the design and if you have seen any of his work you know you will not want to miss out.

You can also join us on our facebook group where there are posting every day.

Until then – Peace and Chicken Grease!