A recap

I haven’t seen much chatter from folks regarding their opinions of how the race went save for a few (very) notable ones in Brian Toones’ great blog and Scott Thigpen’s as well. Those were great write ups and they seem to cast a positive light on how the race went down.

So, here is my perspective: The race went really freaking well!…and by that I mean – We had a hearty little crowd of racers who all seemed to be on the same page with endurance racing and they were literally from all over the country. Nobody got lost, nobody got hurt, the weather was great, Raymond Black didn’t get mad at us, none of the support vehicles broke down on the way to their checkpoints, nobody lost their $100 bill and everyone had a good time, despite the death mask many were wearing when they finished.

The turnout was a little over 60 and I was pleased with this number, mainly from a logistical standpoint. It is probably best to try something like this out for the first time with a smaller crowd.

Many folks stepped forward to help and may not be recognized because they were not sponsors. I would like to say a special thanks to:

Matt Burks for working for months on our website and many other thankless tasks.

George Mattison for just being awesome and always there to help.

Billy Ritch for asking to help and then being a major player in the production.

My awesome father in law, “Tacky” Jack for the motorhome and the always great gumbo…and being our ambassador to Mr. Black.

My wife for being there, always.

Bob Schlemmer, Bo Nolan and Frank Davis for being my good friends and sweeping the skyway on the polaris while somehow handing out $100 bills to the kom’s and beer to those who needed liquid nutrition.

Tim the tile guy for being sous chef

The entire COGS group who put a huge effort into the trail cleanup, course marking and running the aid station like bosses.

Lindsay Burks for always helping Jacquelyn with registration.

Christian Leask for always answering my stupid questions.

All of our sponsors. Most of you just stepped forward and said “yes”, let’s do it. Thank You. You all helped bring epic racing to Alabama and it only continues, because it has to.


431 Adam Gaubert Open Men 4:04
449 Brian Toone Open Men 4:07
425 Jeff Clayton Open Men 4:18
412 Randy Kerr Men 50+ 4:27
480 John Newsom Single Speed 4:35
426 David Darden Open Men 4:37
427 Chris Davis Open Men 4:38
440 Leonard Moon Open Men 4:40
433 Ben Horst Open Men 4:41
444 James Prentice Open Men 4:42
482 Jonathan Robbins Single Speed 4:43
405 Hardwick Gregg Men 50+ 4:44
439 Jose Mendez Open Men 4:48
473 Wael Amara Single Speed 4:50
455 Ed Merritt Open Men 4:52
478 Steve Etherton Single Speed 4:58
402 Ken Burst Men 50+ 4:59
483 Jimmy Smith Single Speed 4:59
428 Joshua De Boisblanc Open Men 5:01
479 Bradley Hood Single Speed 5:07
430 Michael Enervold Open Men 5:09
474 Michael Balliet Single Speed 5:09
404 Robert Eslick Men 50+ 5:12
454 Ross Livingston Open Men 5:12
422 Alan Barton Open Men 5:14
423 Paul Brannon Open Men 5:15
462 Stacey Davis Open Women 5:15
409 Mitch Moses Men 50+ 5:17
401 Delynn ‘Boomer’ Burkhalter Men 50+ 5:19
442 Clayton Plummer Open Men 5:24
448 Philip Thompson Open Men 5:25
450 Lee Neel Single Speed 5:25
445 Brian Roth Open Men 5:26
451 Open Men 5:27
411 John Stephens Men 50+ 5:35
463 Maaike Everts Open Women 5:35
466 Melinda Steele Open Women 5:47
481 Bryan Porter Single Speed 5:54
413 David Morgan Men 50+ 5:56
458 Marty Mitchell Open Men 5:57
447 Scott Thigpen Open Men 6:01
441 Michael Okelley Open Men 6:04
457 Michael Morris Open Men 6:09
438 Tracy McKay Open Men 6:10
424 Matthew Burks Open Men 6:13
476 Zach Davis Single Speed 6:15
446 Paul Theriot Open Men 6:35
453 Pete Foret Open Men 6:41
467 Casey Fredrickson Open Women 6:41
414 Jeff Dorminey Men 50+ 6:43
477 Max Diaz Single Speed 6:52
456 Bart Davidson Open Men 7:06
436 Nick Marinelli Single Speed 7:19
434 Jim Johnston Open Men 7:21
410 Chris Nall Men 50+ 7:25
452 Neil Cochram Open Men 7:25
421 Bill Andrews Open Men 7:33
432 Will Hereford Open Men 7:47
403 Tim Cotton Men 50+ DNF
429 Charlie Dixon Open Men DNF
443 Daniel Porter Open Men DNF
464 Amy Parkinson Open Women DNF
465 Robyn Reyes Open Women DNF
406 James Hall Men 50+ DNS
408 Robert McDonald Men 50+ DNS
435 Chris Larkin Open Men DNS
437 George Mattison V Open Men DNS
475 Dalton Creech Single Speed DNS
484 Matthew Wallace Single Speed DNS

more info

We are changing the time for packet pickup on Saturday to 4pm. There is a fishing rodeo at the lake that morning and we need to wait until it clears out a bit. Also, the mass start is at 9am. It was posted as 8am on bikereg. We need that extra hour to get volunteers setup on course.

Full Map:DOC051712-001




Some High Points

I am copying and pasting from the Skyway Facebook page. It’s hard for me to keep all the info flowing on twitter, this page and facebook…seems like I would be smart enough to work that out…or not. If you haven’t joined the fb page, please do, it is just too easy to discuss and trade info there.

High Points- 1.Online registration closes tomorrow 2.Onsite registration will be open on Saturday night at the race site (Lake Howard) 4-7pm. Race morning registration will be open from 6am-8:30am 3. You are allowed (1) one gallon drop bag. It must be at the registration table by 8:15am in order to make it to the turn around 4. There will be (3) aid stations on course that will be stocked with cold water, heed, gel, bananas. The heed will not be premixed … 5. There will be no tools or supplies at aid stations. You are required to be mechanically self sufficient 6. There will be food after the race. Gumbo, crackers, cokes, nathan’s dogs, chips, cookies. The food is for racers and volunteers only. 7. There will be necklaces at the turnaround. They are big enough to go around your helmet, but not so big that they will be a problem. If you do not have your necklace at the finish, you will be a DNF 8. The majority of this race takes place on forest service roads and jeep trail which are OPEN TO TRAFFIC. Use your head when bombing into a blind corner. All of these roads are two way race traffic as well, keep that in mind. While there is no yellow line, act like there is.

Aid Stations

We will have (3) aid stations. (1) at the beginning of the skyway ~10 mi. into the race. (2) at the turnaround ~25 mi. into the race. You will hit aid station #1 again as you return. (3) at the turn off of wiregrass rd. to 601d ~49 mi. into the race. You will receive (1) Hammer Perpetum pack with your race bag Strawberry-Vanilla, Orange-Vanilla or Caffe Latte. The aid stations will be stocked with Hammer Gels Orange, Apple-Cinnamon and Heed Lemon-Lime and Strawberry. There will be no tools or mechanical supplies at the aid stations, you are required to be self sufficient mechanically. It will likely be HOT, but with the spacing of the aid stations and the stock, you should make it with (2) water bottles…just remember to stop and fill up! There will be some perpetum packs left over and we will send these to aid station #2 (turnaround), first come first serve. We will have some of the best home cooked gumbo you have ever eaten at the finish along with dogs, chips, drinks, cookies.

Boogy Medallions

Bo Nolan (E-Box) has fashioned our proof necklaces. When you reach the turnaround point at hwy 77 you will recieve a parachute corded medallion that goes around your neck. We will also have a secret checkpoint to make sure you get all the singletrack at the end!!!

I will be doing some cleanup at the re-entry of to the singletrack 601-d this sunday, if anyone cares to get dirty, come on.


I just noticed we don’t have payout listed…There is a $1,000 payout for open men/women. I will post a breakdown along with prize lists for other categories. The start will be Lemans style with a little bike scramble…

I will create an “info” tab with this type stuff.

King and Queen of the mountain!

BICI COOP stepped up to the King of the mountain and Queen of the mountain sponsorship!! This means that on the way out there is a KOM/QOM point at the top of the first climb on the skyway where someone will be standing with (2) crisp $50 bills. The first man and the first woman to the top gets ‘em!!!